In my heart I’m forever bound to the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. The notes of my hometown city echo and play through me at all times. Good food, community, beautiful music, and love of family have joined into the background music of my life, and that song has helped me grow into the woman and photographer I am today. 

My late grandmother was a florist. As a child, I watched her make beautiful arrangements and work with beautiful brides. Surrounded by flowers and family, I learned to love weddings. When I was young, I swooned at the festivity and romanticism of weddings. I still do. But as I have grown into adulthood and followed my passion for photography, I have come to see weddings as so much than a big, wonderful party. Weddings are essentially beginnings. 

And beginnings? They are beautiful. They deserve celebration and pomp; they deserve flowers and sparklers and elegant detail. A wedding is life’s ultimate beginning, and being able to witness, photograph, and document these celebrations is the joy of my life. 

In this beautiful mountain town of Asheville that I call home, it’s easy to find happy moments. We can always find evenings full of dancing and eating and laughing. We live life to the fullest and soak up every bit of good we can find. And sometimes, on a warm summer night with a love song playing, we are lucky enough to watch as a new husband and wife dance their first waltz, committing themselves to a marriage, to better or worse, and to a lifetime full of dancing together. 

That’s the kind of beginning I live for. That’s the kind of beginning I’m passionate about. And when the flowers he gave you on your first date have turned into the flowers you’re clutching as you walk down the aisle to meet him at the altar-that’s the beginning that I want to photograph. 


My beloved parents and grandparents whom instilled in me the creative legacy I carry.