Best of 2017

Best of 2017 Hadley and Cliff at Their Overlook Barn Wedding

2017! What a year you have been!! The Best of 2017 was a blogpost that I was so excited to write. Every year I love the opportunity to look back on all that happened. 2017 was a very big year for my business! I feel like a broken record for saying this because I say it ever year, but I have nothing but gratitude in my heart for the people who support my business. I love what I do and I hope that it always shows through in the photos I take. There was a point in the beginning of the year when Stephen and I had moved back from California where I thought about throwing in the towel. Business was slow and I was feeling low spirited and like maybe people no longer loved the photos I take. But instead of quitting, I dug my heels in deep, fought hard to find my style and voice and breathe fresh life in the business I have grown to love so much. I am so proud of myself that I didn’t give up and grateful to the people around me who encouraged me to keep going. I will be doing another post with my goals for 2018, but today I wanted to celebrate 2017 and the accomplishments I made both personally and professionally.

1.) Stephen and I bought out first house! We closed on our home at the end of June and moved in at the end of September. Stephen has been renovating our house and has poured so much love and sweat into it. It feels amazing to be a homeowner now.

2.) I went through a massive rebrand. In February I began working with the most amazing designer, Leslie Vega, and in July of this year I launched my new brand. I can’t say enough about how priceless working with an amazing designer like Leslie was. She brought my dream brand to life.

3.) I changed my editing style and instead of trying to edit the way I thought I needed too (bright & airy), I decided to take my editing in the direction that felt most authentic to who I am and what I find beautiful.

4.) I honed in more on the style of engagement sessions and weddings I truly love to shoot.

5.) I read 20 books….my goal for 2017 was 30, but I am happy to have gotten two thirds of the way there.

6.) I shot my first proposal in the spring at Looking Glass Rock and since then I’ve shot 4 other proposals. Proposals have quickly became one of my favorite things to shoot.

7.) I became a preferred vendor at the beautiful Chestnut Ridge!

And now some of my favorite moments from the weddings, proposals, and engagements I shot in 2017.





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