Tess and Carson swimming in waterfall during Skinny Dip Falls Engagement

When I set out on this journey of rebranding, it was incredibly important that I discovered what my authentic voice as a wedding photographer is. I wanted my brand to represent who and what is important to me. I wanted to only shoot sessions and weddings that I felt passionate about. One of my deepest passions and truest loves and where I find the most inspiration, is shooting in the glorious nature of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I grew up hiking in these mountains and swimming in this water as a child, being in nature is one of the things I love so much about photography. Tess and Carson’s Skinny Dip Falls Engagement was a blending together of all the things I love most about WNC.

Tess and Carson are fellow nature lovers who got engaged on Bearwallow Mountain, so I knew they were perfect candidates for what I had in mind. I had only heard of Skinny Dip Falls prior to their session, but it certainly lived up to all the hype! Legend has it that a long time ago when the falls were still very private, people would go skinny dipping there. If you aren’t from the mountains “skinny dipping,” is slang for swimming in your birthday suit 😉 Hiking into Skinny Dip Falls felt a bit like being in a scene from The Lord of The Rings, complete with a tree shaped like a dragon’s head. Since we hiked in later in the day we essentially had the falls all to ourselves. Tess and Carson came prepared with their swimsuits and quickly jumped into the water! Because I don’t believe in asking my couples to do anything I’m not also willing to do, I got in the water with them. Skinny Dip Falls is gorgeous and the water is some of the cleanest I’ve seen at any place in the mountains, but be warned, it is quite frigid. Tess and Carson were so sweet and tender with each other throughout the session, always looking out for the other person’s comfort. It may have been freezing in that water, but all I noticed was the warmth of their love.

Makeup Artist (by the ever most talented)>>> Jessica Britt Makeup 


Tess and Carson with arms wrapped around each other at Skinny Dip Falls Tess holding onto Carson's arm Tess leaning her head on Carson's shoulder Tess and Carson holding hands Tess and Carson laughing together Tess and Carson giving each other eskimo kissesTess holding Carson's face Carson leading Tess up waterfall Tess and Carson playing in water at Skinny Dip Falls Tess and Carson kissing Tess kissing Carson on the cheek Tess splashing in the water at Skinny Dip Falls Tess and Carson kissing under waterfall Tess and Carson in water at Skinny Dip Falls


Tyler lifting Kailtyn in the air and kissing her for Roan Mountain Engagement

Kaitlyn and Tyler where to begin….

Kaitlyn found me on pinterest and they drove all the way from Raleigh to Roan Mountain for their session with me. Do you know how special that makes me feel as a photographer?! It’s like buying a box of lucky charms that is ALL marshmallows! But seriously, we had so much fun together! I told them about how I almost died (not really) trying to hike up Looking Glass Rock to shoot a proposal and how the 15 minute hike up Roan was nothing in comparison. Kaitlyn and Tyler are getting married next February and GUYS, guuyyyssss…they are taking the coolest honeymoon ever. These two love to hike, they are serious hikers! And for their honeymoon they are going to Washington state and hiking/camping all throughout the PNW. Pretty awesome, right?! We hiked all over Roan, they climbed up on rocks, and walked barefoot through the fields. Two lovers enjoying the wild beauty of the Roan.


Tyler and Kaitlyn kissing Tyler and Kaitlyn walking hand in hand through field Tyler and Kaitlyn dancing Tyler and Kaitlyn standing under tree on Roan Mountain hugging Kaitlyn holding Tyler's face Tyler and Kaitlyn standing on rock looking out Tyler and Kaitlyn sitting together on rock Tyler with his arms wrapped around Kaitlyn Tyler and Kaitlyn standing looking out North CarolinaTyler lifting Kaitlyn in the air and kissing her Tyler kissing Kaitlyn's Hand on Roan MountainTyler and Kailtyn standing face to face on rock for Roan Mountain Engagement Session

Hadley and Cliff standing on rock at Overlook Barn Wedding

Cliff and Hadley’s Overlook Barn Wedding was one that I had really been looking forward too! Before their wedding we had only talked on the phone and through email, but on their wedding day I instantly felt a connection with them and their family and friends. Cliff is from the North Carolina area and Hadley is from Seattle! For the first part of their relationship they were dating long distance, but eventually Hadley decided that Cliff was the real deal and moved to Charlotte so they could be together.  A waterfall proposal later and they were planning their dream wedding to take place in Banner Elk, North Carolina!

Overlook Barn was birthed out of a couple that were wanting to get married in the mountains of North Carolina and couldn’t find a venue that fit just what they needed. So what do you do when you can’t find your dream venue? You purchase your grandfather’s barn on top of Beech Mountain and create one! Overlook Barn was truly a dream venue for Cliff and Hadley! It fit all the fun, outgoing elements of Hadley’s personality and the nature-loving part of who Cliff is! It doesn’t hurt that Overlook Barn is surrounded by a gorgeous meadow and breath-taking mountain views.

Cliff and Hadley planned a wedding that was beyond exquisite! Their wedding was unique and special (just like them), fun to attend and loads of fun to shoot! I have so much love for this couple and who they are as people! You can tell so much about a couple by the people they surround themselves with! With all the people they have on their side, in their corner, I can tell they have already figured out what matters most in life. And if you can figure that out, then all the other things will fall into place!

Venue >>> Overlook Barn 

Wedding Dress >>> Petra by BHLDN 

Hair Stylist >>> Paper Scissors Beauty

Makeup Artist >>> Paper Scissors Beauty 

DJ >>> Sound Extreme Entertainment

Catering >>> David Jensen

Cake >>> David Jensen

Wedding Coordinator >>> Danielle Dayton

HTable decor at Overlook Barn Wedding Overlook Barn from the outside Hadley and Cliff's Welcome Table Hadley's BHLDN wedding dress Hadley's wedding dress Hadley's wedding dress with bridesmaid dresses Hadley's shoes Hadley having her hair fixed Cliff's shoes and accessories Overlook Barn Reception Space Hadley reading note from Cliff Cliff getting dressed in guys getting ready room at Overlook Barn Cliff standing in front of Overlook Barn Cliff and his groomsmen Cliff walking with groomsmen Groomsmen lifting CliffCliff being lifted into the air by groomsmen Hadley and flowergirls putting shoes one Bride standing with two flowergirls Hadley standing in field at Overlook Barn Hadley and her bridesmaids at Overlook Barn Hadley and bridesmaids throwing bouquets in the air Overlook barn ceremony space Hadley and Cliff's wedding cake Hadley walking down the aisle Hadley and Cliff saying wedding vows Hadley and Cliff kissing at wedding ceremony Hadley and Cliff leaving wedding ceremonyHadley standing with ring bearers Cliff standing with flowergirls Hadley and Cliff with wedding party Cliff with bridesmaids Hadley with groomsmen Hadley and Cliff standing in field at Overlook Barn Cliff with his arms around Hadley Hadley and Cliff embracing Hadley laughing Hadley and Cliff standing on rock Cliff helping Hadley off of rock Cliff spinning Hadley around Hadley and Cliff walking awayHadley and Cliff entering wedding reception Hadley and Cliff sharing first dance Hadley having the father daughter dance with her dad Hadley and Cliff cutting their wedding cake Hadley and Cliff dancing at their wedding reception Cliff with his nephew Sims Hadley and Cliff standing under trees embracing Hadley and Cliff standing face to face Hadley and Cliff's Wedding Rings Cliff removing Hadley's garter Overlook Barn at night Hadley and Cliff leaving wedding reception during sparkler exit