Kaitlyn + Tyler Roan Mountain Engagement Session


Tyler lifting Kailtyn in the air and kissing her for Roan Mountain Engagement

Kaitlyn and Tyler where to begin….

Kaitlyn found me on pinterest and they drove all the way from Raleigh to Roan Mountain for their session with me. Do you know how special that makes me feel as a photographer?! It’s like buying a box of lucky charms that is ALL marshmallows! But seriously, we had so much fun together! I told them about how I almost died (not really) trying to hike up Looking Glass Rock to shoot a proposal and how the 15 minute hike up Roan was nothing in comparison. Kaitlyn and Tyler are getting married next February and GUYS, guuyyyssss…they are taking the coolest honeymoon ever. These two love to hike, they are serious hikers! And for their honeymoon they are going to Washington state and hiking/camping all throughout the PNW. Pretty awesome, right?! We hiked all over Roan, they climbed up on rocks, and walked barefoot through the fields. Two lovers enjoying the wild beauty of the Roan.


Tyler and Kaitlyn kissing Tyler and Kaitlyn walking hand in hand through field Tyler and Kaitlyn dancing Tyler and Kaitlyn standing under tree on Roan Mountain hugging Kaitlyn holding Tyler's face Tyler and Kaitlyn standing on rock looking out Tyler and Kaitlyn sitting together on rock Tyler with his arms wrapped around Kaitlyn Tyler and Kaitlyn standing looking out North CarolinaTyler lifting Kaitlyn in the air and kissing her Tyler kissing Kaitlyn's Hand on Roan MountainTyler and Kailtyn standing face to face on rock for Roan Mountain Engagement Session

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