Tess + Carson Skinny Dip Falls Engagement Session

Tess and Carson swimming in waterfall during Skinny Dip Falls Engagement

When I set out on this journey of rebranding, it was incredibly important that I discovered what my authentic voice as a wedding photographer is. I wanted my brand to represent who and what is important to me. I wanted to only shoot sessions and weddings that I felt passionate about. One of my deepest passions and truest loves and where I find the most inspiration, is shooting in the glorious nature of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I grew up hiking in these mountains and swimming in this water as a child, being in nature is one of the things I love so much about photography. Tess and Carson’s Skinny Dip Falls Engagement was a blending together of all the things I love most about WNC.

Tess and Carson are fellow nature lovers who got engaged on Bearwallow Mountain, so I knew they were perfect candidates for what I had in mind. I had only heard of Skinny Dip Falls prior to their session, but it certainly lived up to all the hype! Legend has it that a long time ago when the falls were still very private, people would go skinny dipping there. If you aren’t from the mountains “skinny dipping,” is slang for swimming in your birthday suit 😉 Hiking into Skinny Dip Falls felt a bit like being in a scene from The Lord of The Rings, complete with a tree shaped like a dragon’s head. Since we hiked in later in the day we essentially had the falls all to ourselves. Tess and Carson came prepared with their swimsuits and quickly jumped into the water! Because I don’t believe in asking my couples to do anything I’m not also willing to do, I got in the water with them. Skinny Dip Falls is gorgeous and the water is some of the cleanest I’ve seen at any place in the mountains, but be warned, it is quite frigid. Tess and Carson were so sweet and tender with each other throughout the session, always looking out for the other person’s comfort. It may have been freezing in that water, but all I noticed was the warmth of their love.

Makeup Artist (by the ever most talented)>>> Jessica Britt Makeup 


Tess and Carson with arms wrapped around each other at Skinny Dip Falls Tess holding onto Carson's arm Tess leaning her head on Carson's shoulder Tess and Carson holding hands Tess and Carson laughing together Tess and Carson giving each other eskimo kissesTess holding Carson's face Carson leading Tess up waterfall Tess and Carson playing in water at Skinny Dip Falls Tess and Carson kissing Tess kissing Carson on the cheek Tess splashing in the water at Skinny Dip Falls Tess and Carson kissing under waterfall Tess and Carson in water at Skinny Dip Falls

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